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Dr. Claire Nelson


Specializes in bringing the disciplines of strategic foresight and sustainability engineering to challenges facing organizations and communities.  Her futures training was received from Houston Strategic Foresight and others such as Institute of Alternative Futures and Association of Professional Futurists.  A sought-after speaker and consultant, Nelson’s engagements have included: World Bank; Women in Research Engineering Symposium; Salzburg Seminar; Pacific Skills Summit; the US Air Force; and Development Bank of Jamaica. She serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Futures Studies, and the World Futures Review Journal and is Editor-At-Large of WFSF’ HUMAN FUTURES Magazine.

Dr. Nelson held a variety of positions at the Inter-American Development Bank and was a thought leader in promoting Strategic Foresight in development, organizing the IDB’s first Latin America 2020 Social Development Futures Seminar.  Nelson, an award-winning writer and storyteller, holds a Doctorate in Engineering Management from the George Washington University (1990). Nelson was honored as a White House Champion of Change in 2012. 


Fernanda Ballve Ebert

Commited in helping organizations to develop proactive visions of the future and innovative strategies that engages stakeholders and drives a sustainable future, with projects at the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi and Caja Popular Mexicana.

Experienced management consultant with more than 15 years leading projects and teams around Europe, Middle East and Latin America in Strategy Design, Planning and Implementation, through the definition of compelling vision, value proposition, long term strategy, strategy maps, goals, indicators, milestones and initiatives in organizations such as: Petrobras, Oracle, PEMEX, Grupo Ultra, Gerdau, State of Rio Grande do Sul’s Government, Brazil´s Ministry of Culture. Working at Symnetics Brazil, Balanced Scorecard Partnership Germany and Tantum Group Mexico.

Proven track record in developing and implementing marketing strategies to successfully build brand awareness and drive revenue in the fashion retail , B2B and telecommunication segments. Responsible for devising, implementing and managing marketing goals, initiatives and integrated communication campaigns. Worked as head of Marketing at Daslu Luxury Retail, as Regional Marketing manager at Bell South and Competitive Market Intelligence manager at Politeno.

Co-founded Teach the Future Brazil a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing futures thinking to schools and students. Counselor at Teach the Future Mexico.

Participated in the organization of the first TEDX conference in Brazil- São Paulo 2009 and the DLD first event in Latin America, April 2011 - RJ.

Graduated in Business Administration with marketing specialization at ESPM – SP, certified in co-creation at Experience Co-Creation Partnership, London. Strategic Foresight Certificated by Houston University-USA. Creative Problem Solving Institute certificated. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Goux-Baudiment Fabienne

CEO of proGective, ​a foresight consulting company and research centre for futures studies. PhD in Human and Social Foresight (Roma, Italy) with Prof. E. BARBIERI MASINI. Adjunct Professor of Foresight and Innovation at University of Angers (France) for 24 years. President of the World Futures Studies Federation (2005-2009) and the French National Society for Foresight (2013-2016). Founding head of proGective in France (Paris) since 1994, a centre of application and training in foresight for governments, companies, NGOs. Keynote speaker and author of books and papers in French, English, Italian and Spanish. APF, SFDP and WFSF.

Grace Turtle foto.PNG


Strategic Designer & Futures Researcher who has spent the last decade exploring critical becomings, futures and transitions produced through experimentation, collaborative storytelling and performative action. Grace currently plays in two worlds; within Sydney’s Deloitte Digital Strategy and Experience Design team as the Experimental Futures Lead, working across futures research, strategy, service and experience design, and as a co-founding member of Becoming, an emerging action-research studio and collaborator with Holon, a Transition Design cooperative, both based in Barcelona.





Women Seminar






Antonio Alonso Concheiro

Electrical Mechanical Engineer at the UNAM and Ph.D in Control Engineering from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, England. Between 1984 and 1994 he was a researcher and director of the Javier Barros Sierra A.C. Foundation and his Center for Prospective Studies A.C. He has been a member of various scientific and technological associations; among others he was a member of the Executive Council of the World Futures Studies Federation (Paris, France) and of the Institute for 21st Century Studies (Washington DC, United States). He is an academician of the Mexican Academy of Engineering, president of the Board of Directors of the Javier Barros Sierra A.C. Foundation, member of the Board of Directors of the World Future Society Capítulo mexicano, A.C.® and a World Futures Studies Federation Fellow. He has dedicated his professional life since the seventies to Prospective Studies and Strategic Planning. He has been a consulting partner of Analítica Consultores since 1995.


Paolo Cardini

He is a product designer who asks serious questions about how we live, and he responds with fun and funny designs. He is currently an assistant professor of design at the University of Virginia Commonwealth in Qatar. Paolo Cardini likes to ask some important questions about the way we live, such as: does multitasking really help us be more efficient? How far will social networks go? Who are the actors in the multitude of conflicts in the Arab world? What is the next frontier in product development? - and trying to answer them with playful designs, such as his I Like Sit chaise lounge, which updates his Facebook status according to his position, and MiddleField, a table football that represents different players in the Middle East. For TEDGlobal 2012, Cardini created a unique product called the MONOtask project. To help you cope with your multi-tasking life, Cardini has designed covers for 3D-printed smartphones that "degrade" your phone to make it a lot dumb. “Download your own coverage plans and start doing monotasking”.


Erik Overland

World Futures Studies Federation President. Erik works on several forecast projects in Norway and throughout Europe, including a Ph.D. in Futures Studies at the Free University of Berlin. He is editor of the European Journal for Futures Research. He is a visiting researcher at the Institut Futur at Free University of Berlin, Germany, and policy adviser to the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. He has experience as a visiting professor at the University of Stavanger on Foresight Management issues, and has served as a keynote speaker at conferences in Norway and abroad. He has published several books and scientific articles on future studies. He was Norwegian Project Director 2030 for the Government of Norway (1998-2001) and has conducted futures studies for agencies and commercial companies both in Norway and abroad. His most recent publication is "CARPE FUTURUM: How to manage the future", Cappelen Publishing 2010. Among Erik's scientific interests are the science of education, futures research, the theory of science and research on working life . The main focus of the Institut Futur focuses on three main areas: 1) Futures studies based on social sciences, 2) Transformation in the education system, with a special focus on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and 3) Research on the transfer of knowledge and innovation.


Fabio Grobart Sunshine

He was born in Havana; MSc Ing. Química, 1965, Inst. Sup. De Tecn. Chemistry, Prague; Dr. Sc. Economics, 1981, Inst. Econ. Sist. Soc. Mundial -AC USSR; Senior Researcher, 1982, AC Cuba. 160 scientific publications, events in 15 countries, member of 12 societies and scientific networks, national and international. From 1965 to 1973 he was a university professor; Manufacture Engineering; Mining / Metallurgical R & D, Sugar/derivatives; Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Complex Systems by Digital Simulation. 1973/94: A.C. Cuba, Executive Director and researcher in Scientific-technical Policy, Prospective and Strategic Planning; (1995/14): U. Habana, Senior Researcher, program "The New Techno-economic Paradigms and their Impact on the Development Models and the REI System"; teaching of pre / post-graduate courses related to CTS-I, REI, HEM; guest professor in Cuban and foreign universities. He currently works at the Research Center


Tomás Miklos

He has a degree in chemical engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a Doctorate in Science from the Sorbonne University, Paris, France. Psychology, Transactional Analysis, Administration and Masters in Psychoanalysis (INP and CIEP), Diploma in International Politics and Political Analysis (UIA), Diploma in Financial Engineering (CEE), Diploma in Software Process Model: Capability Maturity Model; Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM). Distinguished as Principal Investigator by the National System of Researchers (SNI-CONACYT), General Director of the National Institute of Specialized Counseling, S.C. Mexico. As an independent consultant, he has developed and conducted several planning and evaluation projects (see: National Association of Faculties and Engineering Schools, Secretariats of Education of the States of Durango and Nuevo Leon, Durango Proyección XXI, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Autonomous Metropolitan University), organizational engineering, information systems and procedures and human development. He has published: Prospective, governance and political risk. Instruments for action; Prospective Planning; a strategy for the design of the future; Interactive Planning; new strategy for business achievement; The Political Decisions; from Planning to Action, (Coordinator and Co-author); Diagnosis and Prospective of Higher Education in Mexico (Coordinator and Co-author); The future to debate (Coordinator); Climate Change and National Security. Prospective Scenarios and Strategies; Interactive Planning; Good education for all. Liquid strategies for a random future (The case of Mexico); From the Reformation to the educational transformation (Coauthor)

sergio alcocer.jpg

Riel Miller

Ph.D in Economics at the New School for Social Research in New York; Master of Arts from York University in Toronto. He has written articles, chapters and books on futures studies, and economic studies, as well as multiple reports for the OECD and the European Commission. He is founder of Xperidox, futures consulting. He was Director of Foresight of UNESCO in 2012. For three decades he has concentrated his work on the application of processes for social and economic transformation, equally in public and private sectors, using imaginary futures to understand the present. He is a member of several editorial committees and member of the APF and the WSFS. He has taught futures studies courses in South Africa. The challenge is to know what are the innovative concepts of Foresight, tools and planning methods necessary to transform the future of Africa. His line of research is Anticipation within his Futures Literacy project at UNESCO.


Carlos Labastida Villegas

Mexican, resident in Mexico City. He is Coordinator of the University Food Program (PUAL) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He is a Veterinary Zootechnician and has a degree in Economics, both from the same University. Interested in human nutrition and food prospective issues since 1977. He collaborated in the organization and participated in activities of the project The Feeding of the Future, organized by the PUAL in 1982, the most important food forecasting project that has been carried out in our country . Specialist in issues related to food programs and policies in Mexico.


Jay Gary

He is one of the leading Foresight Educators in the United States. He is an associate professor of anticipatory leadership at Oral Roberts University. Senior executive with extensive experience in higher education leadership, association management, creation of strategic alliances and development of online programs. Committed to adding value through collaborative problem solving, decision-making based on results and a customer service mentality that creates an open, democratic and high value learning society for the 21st century. The most recent work includes the launching of graduate programs and teaching professionals on the best strategic forecasting practices that position companies for disruptive innovation. Qualified as a business architect to ensure a high level of learning and interactive change. Proven skills in visionary leadership and transformation of programs. The work has covered non-profit organizations, higher education, professional associations and regional communities; to help stakeholders focus on the future through social entrepreneurship, leadership development, networking and social transformation. He currently serves as President of the Association of Professional Futurists.


Rolando Cordera

He was born on January 31, 1942 in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. Bachelor of Economics (UNAM). With postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics, London, England. Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Economics of the UNAM; Coordinator of the University Program of Development Studies, Coordinator of the University Seminar on the Social Question; Group Coordinator New Development Course; also collaborated in the journal Nexos, has had contributions on Televisa News in the capsule "In Opinion of", Member of the National System of Researchers since 2002. Doctor Honoris Causa by the Autonomous Metropolitan University. Weekly contributor to La Jornada, Member of the editorial board of the Economíaunam magazine of the UNAM. Institute of Studies for the Democratic Transition and the Mexican Academy of Political Economy; President of the Pereyra Foundation, A.C., Director of the Configurations magazine. Author of several essays and books: The social determinants of health in Mexico; Fourth National Dialogue for a Social Mexico (Coordinator); Mexico The dispute over the nation perspectives and development options; Mexico in the face of the crisis. Towards a new development course, May 2010, UNAM; Return to memory, conversations with intellectuals, politicians and men of science, art and culture of the twentieth century; Poverty, inequality and social exclusion in the City of the 21st Century; Social Policy: international experiences, Rolando Cordera and Carlos Javier Cabrera Adame (coordinators) and co-author Democracy, inequality and human rights: the claim to the State. "On the pending equation of Latin America: a review of the ideas of the ECLAC order of development in Globalization, knowledge and development Theory and development strategies in the context of the world historical change Volume II, Miguel Ángel Porrúa, March 2009. Received in 1998 the National University Prize in research in the area of ​​Economic-Administrative Sciences

tomas miklos.jpg

Sergio Alcocer

Civil Engineer in the Faculty of Engineering of the UNAM. PhD in Structures from the University of Texas at Austin in 1991. He belongs to the SNI, was Director of Research of CENAPRED, was Director of the Institute of Engineering and Secretary General of the UNAM, was Subsecretary of Energy Planning and Technological Development of the Secretariat of Energy Coordination of Innovation and Development of UNAM and Assistant Secretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was President of the Mexican Society of Structural Engineering, President of the Technical Council of the National Organization for Standardization and Certification of the Construction and Building Industry, and Vice President of Planning and Finance of the Mexican Association of Managers in Applied Research and Technological Development , AC. He was a member of the board of directors of the American Concrete Institute and to date the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. He is a member of the technical committees on repair of buildings and connections of concrete buildings and member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. He is a counselor of the ICA Foundation. President of the Academy of Engineering of Mexico A.C. Member of the International Concrete Federation and Secretary of the Council and representative of the Institute of Engineering of the UNAM. He currently serves as President of Mexico Exponential and founder of the REDI network.

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